Welcome to Compass Adventures Travel!


I know you may be thinking, "Sara became a travel advisor during a pandemic??"

I know, crazy!

Actually this journey started almost 2 years ago. I found myself at a crossroads - one job was ending and my husband didn't consider full time "backpacker" as a suitable replacement job.

What's a girl to do???

I've always had a passion for travel but my favorite part of traveling has always been the planning.
So I began an online travel advisor course and planned to get started in January 2020 and then the pandemic became a reality.
Now that we can see the light switch (for the light at the end of the tunnel) I'm ready to start talking travel again.
So what kind of travel advisor am I?
I'm no nonsense, no pressure and can plan any type of trip you may be dreaming about!
If you need my services for a trip - great - I'm happy to help!
If you don't need my services for every trip - great- I'm happy to hear about a wonderful destination you have visited and look forward to helping you when needed!
Not every trip needs a travel advisor but for those trips you need one - I'm here!
If you are dreaming of a lazy day on the beach 🏖 , a hike up a ⛰, a day in the city, travel by ✈️ , 🚂 and 🚙 , honeymoon 👰 🤵‍♂️ , babymoon 👶, anniversary/birthday 🎂 , girls get away, bachelor/bachelorette, retirement, family or friend reunion - reach out to see if I can help! 🧳

Happy Trails 🥾,